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Eternal clinic has been operating since 2014. Our team of dedicated doctors and nurses have many years of experience in the field of surgical and non-surgical hair-loss treatment. We pride ourselves on the finest results and client satisfaction.

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    Hair Transplantation

    Losing your hair? We have the solution.

    Hair transplantation is a life-changing and simple procedure. At Kings Clinic, our highly experienced team will answer your questions and address any concerns. Together, we will set realistic goals as you enter this exciting new stage in your life. Let us help you make this change!

    • Dedicated team of internationally trained docs and nurses
    • Practice with Latest Techniques
    • Proven Results
    • Latest Equipment

    Testimonials Hair Transplant Success Stories

    I could not be happier with my results – my hair used to be so weak and patchy and now looks very full and natural. Not to mention my confidence, which has increased in leaps and bounds. The procedure was simple, and I required minimal time off work. The staff at Kings clinic were awesome from start to finish and I give them five stars.

    — Darren

    I was initially hesitant and had thought about having a hair transplant for years. The great team at Kings clinic made me feel very comfortable. They explained the whole process and answered all my questions. I didn’t realise how straightforward the process was. This has changed my life and I wish I had done this earlier.

    — Khaled

    The doctors and nurses at Kings clinic were very friendly and professional. To my surprise the procedure caused only minimal discomfort. The results are fantastic, and my wife and family love my new look. Thank you, Kings Clinic.

    — Steve