Are you interested in having a hair transplant?

Hair loss affects many and can lead to the appearance of increased age and reduced confidence and self-esteem. Hair transplantation is a proven surgical procedure for creating a natural and thicker head of hair. The results can be amazing and give you a new lease on life.

Our team of internationally trained doctors and nurses are up to date with the latest methods to help you achieve your goals. We use a refined non-invasive FUE technique, as a comfortable day-only procedure, with minimal downtime and disruption to your lifestyle. Through planning, detail, and precision, our aim is to produce results that are natural and undetectable.

The process starts with an extensive consultation to diagnose your hair loss condition and determine appropriate surgical and non-surgical approaches to improving your hair.


While male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss, there are other causes and contributing factors which need to be considered. Only through an extensive medical history and examination can an accurate hair loss diagnosis be made, and optimal plan formulated to improve and maintain your hair for years to come.

During your consultation you will have every opportunity to ask questions to make an informed decision about what is best for you. You will have a clear understanding of an achievable and realistic expectation for you. You will also be given a cost estimate for your individualised hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Process/FUE

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive technique of harvesting hair follicles from the back of the scalp and implanting them into areas where the hair is thinning. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Micro-grafts containing one or more hair follicles are carefully extracted one at a time using specialised micro-punches. Fine micro-sapphire blades are used to create accurate incisions at the correct angles allowing the orientation of implanted hair to follow the natural direction of hair growth to achieve greatest coverage and an aesthetically pleasing result.

Hair line planning

A well-positioned hairline is crucial to the success of the procedure and will be agreed upon by both surgeon and patient. As well as designing a hairline to suit your face, the ability to transplant single follicle grafts allows for an irregular hairline and a more natural appearance.

After your Transplant

After your transplant you will be given detailed aftercare instructions.  This will include instructions on caring for the newly transplanted hair as well as antibiotics to take in the days following. You will have in-clinic follow-up arranged in the days after for post-procedure assessment. We will be contactable at any time after the procedure to answer questions or concerns.

Frequently asked Questions

Is hair transplantation permanent?FUE is the only hair treatment to provide permanent results. The newly transplanted hair will not fall out. The existing, non-transplanted hair is still subject to hormonal thinning, but we can discuss ways to reduce this from happening

When do I start seeing results?Initially after the transplant you will notice a phase of hair growth. Then the hair will shed, which is completely normal. After a further period of weeks to months, permanent hair growth begins. Final results are seen 6-9 months after transplantation.

Does it hurt?FUE hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure. Local anaesthetic is used throughout the procedure keeping you comfortable throughout the process. Our team of highly trained doctors and nurses will attend to all your needs on the day.

How long do I need to take off work?In general, only a few days off are required. Our team will give you individualised advice to enable the least disruption to your work.

Who is suitable for this procedure?There is no specific age limit for FUE. Males and females between the ages of 20-60 most often have this procedure.